Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Yellow peril decommissioned as Labour realise they may need Lib Dem muppets after all !

So the famous Yellow Peril blog has disappeared. If you try the URL you end up with Forth Term blog's site.

Could it be that the Brown Shirts are realising that they may need a coalition for their Fourth term ?


Anonymous said...

actually, there is a sizeable portion of Labour Party members who would openly revolt at the thought of any deal with the Lib Dems.It would be a tough sell in those northern towns where the Lib Dems are the now natural enemy of Labour.This is something Blair never understood when he floated the idea of giving junior ministerial posts to the Lib Dems in 1997; I think his postbag over the next few months convinced him that this was utterly unacceptable to the grassroots.

Man in a shed said...

Its the reverse situation with the Conservatives in the South. Many a local Tory actiovist would rather chew his/her own arm of the cooperate with the Lib Dems. ( Oddly enough it has been far more productive to cooperate with Labour down here ).

Maybe that will be the way forward in Wales. I can't think anyone wants another election, though I would expect Labour to fair better and the Lib Dems worse if it happens.