Wednesday, May 23, 2007

As the dust settles from the grammar confrontation

Assuming the Telegraph has managed to fight of the DoS attack being carried out on it, then there should be a interesting article by Tim Montgomerie in the comment section here.

Tempers have perhaps cooled a bit. Tim believes that some of project Cameron may see the last week as something of a success (though not Tim himself). Guido has a similar view expressed in his own style. They appear to me to move in the same circles - so perhaps there is something in that analysis. If true its somewhat worrying.

Tim tries to warn against this sort of exercise being repeated, but I wonder if it won't be. I hope not, and that someone in David Cameron's inner circle sees sense.

We will find out soon enough.

From my point of view I wish David Cameron would understand what Tony Blair expressed when he gave his Mondeo Man speech ( to a Labour party conference ), that you don't win elections by going against people's aspirations.

Lets hope it can be left at that.

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