Saturday, May 05, 2007

So who thinks PR and lists are a good idea now ?

So the horse trading of principles and policies gets going in the Celtic homelands. And when you want to get someone to be, how shall we say, flexible with what they believe in there's only one party to go a see ;-)

Can anyone doubt that PR is a disaster when its needed to make up the executive government ?

When we get an English Parliament - lets keep;

  • the first past the post system;
  • straight forward ballot papers;
  • counts on the night, and;
  • new governments in the morning.
PS saw a thought provoking graphic on Tommy English's web site - makes you think a bit.


wrinkled weasel said...

Well it got rid of Labour, didn't it?

Man in a shed said...

That has yet to be seen - perhaps it makes it very hard to get rid of them.

Man in a shed said...

Right on cue - hers Labour preparing to challenge their own election mess - see this BBC article.