Saturday, May 12, 2007

How has Labour's sham election come about ?

It strikes Man in a Shed as strange that only one 'serious' contender for the leadership election of the Labour party, when there are lots of spineless politicians trying to be the deputy (they are spineless as if they really want to engage in leadership they should run for the post not the perks).

The modern Labour party is either a party bereft of ideas, with sheep like MPs waiting to be told what they believe in, or else it has a climate of fear and intimidation which means none dare challenge the 'Big Man'.

Given what we know of the serious character flaws of Gordon Brown - it is quite odd that no one will stand. I wonder, if he had lived, if Robin Cook would have stood ?

We will soon find out if Gordon Brown's presentational incompetence yesterday was tactical - to emphasis the change message - or a sign of deeper dysfunction in his campaign. At the moment you have to assume they have some sort of plan, but we will see, and there will be nowhere for Gordon Brown to hide this time.

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Praguetory said...

The small things that are going wrong around Brown are symptoms. He's the sort of boss that needs to be in charge of everything, but always finds someone to blame. In that climate everyone will avoid responsibility and lots of errors will follow. Should be fun.