Saturday, May 12, 2007

What some Lib Dems are really like -

Apparently a number of politics students were allowed to shadow the Conservative campaign in Worthing. As well as seeing the political process they got to witness at first hand the real nature of the Lib Dem party - which was a bit more than they had bargained for! See the extract below:

    "Although none of us hold a strong political bias towards a particular party, the local Conservative party very kindly allowed us to fully immerse ourselves in the activities of the day. While I was on duty at a polling station, I found the Liberal Democrat leader for Worthing, Robert Smytherman, to be very hostile and patronising towards me. Also, whilst canvassing door to door, we were heckled by Liberal Democrat councillors.

    "After the results were announced later that night, the leader of the Worthing Conservative party, Keith Mercer, made his speech during which he thanked us (the students) for our help throughout the day.

    "We were shocked when members of the Liberal Democrat party jeered and mocked us openly.

Full article in Worthing Today here. Especially note the flat denial by the Lib Dem councillor concerned - you have to decide who is being truthful here.

Also note the following comment added after the article:


    Shoreham-By-Sea 11/05/2007 11:11:13

    I would just like to point out that I was also on work experience with the Conservative party on the day of the local elections. As a student, I similarly found the behaviour of the Liberal Democrat Party towards us shocking. One woman (who shall remain nameless!) actually jeered one of my friends to the point of tears at the count. If this is reflective of the national Lib Dem attitude then it is obvious why vote apathy is at an all-time high! Shame on you!

Now I don't believe all Lib Dems are like that - the ones I've met out canvassing and telling have been polite and friendly. But the leaflets they print tell a different story.

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C4' said...

This story doesn't surprise one bit! I'll still got the mental scares from dealing with some Lib Dem extremists.