Tuesday, March 13, 2007

My council tax bill is in 4.5% up

So that's GBP 1371.51 this year. Inflation in the public sector is at around 4.5% so I am told by the happy looking leaflets that came along with the demand for dosh.

The government is laughably trying to tell us inflation is currently at 3% .. ho ho.

The government is also busy cutting the grants it send to Surrey and probably other areas that don't vote Labour also.



Anonymous said...

Join the Isitfair Campaign. A Nationwide Campaign Calling for the Reform of the Council Tax System

Sign the petition started by one of our members

ContraTory said...

You have a Liberal Democrat controlled local council haven't you...

Man in a shed said...

Yes indeed the yellow ones have managed to get control of the council. ( Despite getting about 4% lower vote - they have been helped by a Tory being Mayor this year, but the position reverses next year ). Lots of Lib Dem big guns have been visiting Woking recently and their friends in the local press make sure they always get in the headlines.

tbfkatic said...

I must admit that I feel enormously resentful that around 50% of the council tax is spent on education. I have never been to an english state school and do not have any children. why do I have to pay for the education of other people's children? Healthcare is one thing but education....hmmmm, isn't that their problem not mine?

Man in a shed said...

That perhaps depend on how well you want your GP or nursing home worker educated perhaps ?

In effect pensions are paid by the younger generation - so we all have an interest. Unfortunately education is being destroyed by the current government by it muddy of the waters on standards, keeping people in school too long and ignoring the key technical and skilled trades that the country is so short of.