Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The political is the personal, more often than you'd think

"The political is the personal, more often than you'd think" - this is the strap line on Rachel from North London's blog ( she's famous for a number of things - see we can all be vague ).

Its a great line - sounds like it means something profound. However - (admits sheepishly) I haven't quite figured it out yet.. perhaps its more of a Meme thing where you start thinking along certain lines, as you figure it out, and that is the real intention of the author.

Its going to take me a while to work out - still give me something to think about whilst waiting for the kids to get out of school. This is what comes of playing around with Technorati ...


Man in a shed said...

Newmania said:

She is famous for being royal pain in the arse as someone who " Stands for victims everywhere would have to be "

( Newmania: Your original comment was lost in moderation - a film title surely ? )

Rachel said...

Funny, I don;t think I am 'famous'. Also funny how newmania seems so interested and excitable about me. I am not in the habit of calling people I have never met a 'royal pain in the arse' but perhaps I have a better grip of the difference between real life and online than he. I've never met him, never come across him, never done anything I can think of to annoy him apart from write a blog. Which he does too. However, I choose not to read blogs which irritate me, and I recommend he also adopts this strategy, in fact, I left him a comment asking him not to bother once as it clearly upsets him so much.

Thank you for the link. Glad the strap provoked you into thinking and would be interested to know where your thoughts ended up...

Anyway, this is my thoughts on being a victim, especially for newmania, though I wrote it in 2005.

Man in a shed said...

Your famous to this blog writer.

Writing or censuring comments is a tough call, as you have no insight into the emotional state or thoughts of the other person. And in general I prefer to deal with the comments if they have substantive points.

But there are limits and hence my new comment policy - mostly based on my late Father's advice to always laugh with someone rather than at them. ( OK I do ignor it on occasion - but the direction seems good.)

I guess given my own strap line sums up my political roots coming from being a young child in the chaos of the 1970's I'm proving your point on politics being the personal.