Sunday, March 11, 2007

The Green Death of George Osborne

What I should say is "the green electoral death of project Cameron, as being put forward by George Osborne". David Cameron and George Osborne are just in the middle of considering the political mistake of their lives over aviation.

If they go ahead with this (link to air travel taxation and rationing idea ) then its all over.

They don't understand the science.

They don't understand the electorate.

Its green suicide.

Don't even start me on inviting Al Gore over ...

Update: If you agree with me then get over to WebCameron and give Tom Paine your support here.... he says:

Political suicide?

Posted by tompaine on Sunday, 11 March 2007 17:26:19

I am very worried about the reported contents of the Conservative Party's paper on "Greener Skies." I am an expatriate working for a UK firm. I travel constantly on business by air (and a miserable life it is too, at times). What I and my colleagues do contributes to Britain's invisible exports. Yet it seems your proposals will increase our costs and make us uncompetitive. Amid all the furore about "fun tax" (which is politically worrying in itself) it seems to me this is also potentially a highly-destructive tax on British competitiveness.

Even Tony Blair, interviewed by Sky News before Christmas, thought such measures would be political suicide. Are you sure he's not right? Are you sure you are not unduly influenced by Zac Goldsmith's extreme views?

I've only just read his post after sending the first version of this. But my alarm with what is being proposed had me over to WebCameron to try and find out what on earth is going on. Tom's point are, as ever, spot on IMHO.

Further update: Feel the backlash here ....

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