Wednesday, March 07, 2007

"The law against incest is based on very old moral principles"

The post title is a part of a quote from the BBC's reporting of German siblings whom wish to have the German law against incest removed.

My response is that their lawyer, whom is being quoted, is right it is an old moral principle - that protects against the unfortunate consequences of this sort of behaviour - like genetic disorders.

Romantic love short circuits the brains ability to reason. That's why we need laws to protect the innocent children that may be born with disabilities as a result. It also helps to protect parents like myself who have a daughter and son from the family disaster of incest.

But now the humanists and secularists have the upper hand in much of Europe and are starting to in the UK, all this is seen as old hat. Their anchor of Christianity is slipping and we will be blown by the winds of relativism and what 'feels right' onto some very sharp rocks of consequences.

Update: See comment in the DT today (THur 8 Mar 07) by Liz Hunt - also spot the bias in reporting from the BBC.

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