Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Are we heading for another Hutton Report moment ?

Quite a few right of centre commentators, including bloggers, suspect No10 as being behind the leaked email - no don't say that it implies someone read it document. If not them then someone else who stands to gain by the inquiry being undermined.

Man in a Shed didn't believe it was No 10 - mostly down to the fact it failed to come out first time. They would know the BBC would check the story with the police and the police would act. But now the Guardian ( the leftwingers favourite rag) published it before asking for permission and a judge said well go on then.

So its out there, and the major beneficiaries will be those wishing to avoid a trial and prevent justice from being done.

This feels like just before the Hutton inquiry when we all thought surely they can't get away with it this time ! Well they did - and to rub salt into the wounds of justice Cherie Blair signed copies of the report for auction for Labour party funds. This is the sort of people they are.

I'm going to revise my opinion now - nothing is beneath these people.

By the way this is also starting to look like a house of cards and remeber what happened to FU on his length in office anniversary ....


Ellee said...

I think it is time that charges were made, otherwise the media cannot be restrained or silenced.

Eric said...

I wonder if a certain peer has become the sacrificial lamb, and whether the lamb and the slaughterers both know it? Just a thought.

Man in a shed said...

I beginning to think that no charges will be made ( hence the Hutton ref). Maybe the leaking of the email/document is to put pressure on the police to put up or shut up. The unfortunate fire when Lord Levy lost much of his documentation may make this a hard case to prove either way.

Many times NuLabour have done outrageous things - money to the unions for modernisation, bringing back Mandelson twice then sending him to Brussels - Little Red book of sleaze etc etc...

The have the brass neck to just brazen this out.

And I'm not sure the state is strong enough any more to stop them.

wrinkled weasel said...

I share your view that, as time goes by the likelihood of charges diminishes.

On form, Bliar et al will wriggle out of this, just as they have done on Iraq.

They will do it because of due process, which is to say that they have people working full time to obfuscate and deflect every little piece of negative information.

The best you will get is the promise of an inquiry, at some non-specific date in the future.

I very much hope I am wrong.

Reactionary Snob said...

True - the Cherie moment may well be lower than the BAE/Saudi... although, I couldn't believe that 'public interest' came before the rule of law. Surely, they are one and the same.

Mendacious cunts.


wrinkled weasel said...

Dear MiaS,

I have started a new blog. I hope you have time to take a look at the first article, which is relevant to this thread.


best wishes,