Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Brown proud to screw up by over 7 billion pounds !

Yahoo's news service says:

    Chancellor Gordon Brown said he was proud of the way Britain was organising the 2012 Olympics as he announced the host cities for the UK School Games.

    He said: "Britain works best when Britain works together and there is no better example of that than our preparations for the Olympics.

Well given the costs estimates have moved from GBP 2.37 Billion to over GBP 10 Billion you'd think he'd be more prudent. But no amount of money is too much to pay for Gordon's ambition. And after all its London (via community charge), the poor ( via the stupidity tax national lottery ) and hard working tax payer ( via all the little schemes Gordon can think up ) who will be paying.

Blair mean while is trying to say his legacy, this week, is the arts. just as the 2012 Olympics is about to suck in all funding like a black hole.

Why can Terminal 5 be built right and to budget but public projects like Wembley (FA ), Scottish Parliament (the government), the Doom ( the government) are such a disaster. Could it be perhaps that the government doesn't know how to do cost estimation or run large projects ?

Christopher Gent has the right idea, see the article by Margareta Pagano over at The First Post.


delroy said...

I seem to remember 'Tarzan' having a lot to do with the dome although I admit the internal crap was very nu labore

Man in a shed said...

OK your right Tarzan had his part, but putting on shows about public lice was all NuLabour.

Anyway Tarzan was a TRG pin up - and hence virtually a member of NuLabour himself.

The underlying problem is government is very bad at spending other peoples money, which is a shame, as it what they do.