Saturday, February 03, 2007

NuLabour and the GPs

Having just listened to any questions on Radio 4 this lunch time and hearing the left wing members of the panel try and defend the new GP contact I was getting rather hot under the collar.

I feel they are wrong. I know access to GP's has gotten worse and less consistent ( we don't have a family Doctor any more - the list of GP's at the local practice changes every time I go. your more likely to see a GP you recognise at the local emergency drop in centre you get referred to after 5pm by the answer phone.)

My mother always warned this would happen.

She was a GP, but took early retirement. She hated all the nights on call ( which for a woman are especially concerning as you walk into houses where who knows what is going on ). The Saturday morning surgeries, the 2-5 after surgery visits she would carry out - I know I had to wait in the car whilst she did them.

But she also saw that the government wanted control over what GPs do (after all what Socialist isn't on a control trip ). That they would end up as a 9-5pm salaried service with no professional independence. Well all that hasn't happened yet ( the salaried bit is yet to come - but it will if Labour are left in power.)

Dr Crippen has a far more informed and detailed view over at his site. He voted New Labour - but doesn't seem so keen with what they have delivered.

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