Saturday, February 03, 2007

Just why is the European Commission telling us what happens in our own country ?

Update Note: Yet again I curse not taking a screen shot. The revised BBC links don't credit the European Commission first - but they did yesterday ! ( Our government being to engrossed in its own demise and rot to take action to help its citizens - or so it seemed )

Further update:
Thanks ton Ian
(Comments below)- who has pointed me in the direction of News Sniffer - so you watch the story develop as the BBC decides what you need to know about it and corrects any earlier impression that would be unfavourable to the socialist cause. [ links in this article have been updated accordingly - the irony of this doesn't totally escape me by the way.].

H5N1 bird flue has been confirmed in Suffolk - by the European Commission ! Why isn't it the sovereign government of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland not announcing this ? ( The test were probably carried out in Weybridge anyway ! ). [ Current BBC take on this story here --- ]

Is this part of a subtle pro-EC campaign going on. Anyone see the Europeans smoking campaign doing the rounds on TV at the moment. I see signs of a cram offensive - perhaps for another round of setting up the European super state.

Paranoid ? Maybe - but I wouldn't put it past them. They don't believe in Democracy and they certainly don't believe in Britain.

Our own government is too weak and divided to do anything about it right now.

Update: See EU Referendum for why the EU is to blame in much of this here ...


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