Monday, February 05, 2007

"This is not England. It is Saudi Arabia"

Man in a Shed begs to differ .... see the quote in an article in today's Daily Mail on young pupils being taught to hate Jews and Christians - in a London School..

(Picked up via a post by Tony Sharp in The Waendel Journal - which is aiming at the moral relativism in the classroom, certainly worth a read.)


This is reported today in the Daily Telegraph - the interesting thing to note in their article is the final comment on the Ofsted report:

A report by Ofsted, the education watchdog, in March last year praised the school for offering pupils "a balanced education and opportunities to develop their intellect and skills".

Now somebody - judging by the rest of the article isn't telling the truth.

Further Update: This was on Newsnight last night (Tue 6th Feb ) - link here. Haven't watched it yet ( was watching Batllestar Galactica - if your laughing now - its because you haven't seen it - its like the West Wing combined with Tour of Duty but in space. In fact one of the major actors appeared in the West Wing series one for an episode ) - but I'll comment when I have. Realplayer stream on BBC report here...

BBC News Website has this here...

Also see Donal Blaney in Enough is Enough here on the Charity commission angle - contains some intresting links to other sources.

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buster said...

That'll be Ofsted then.
They are mostly failed teachers.