Tuesday, February 20, 2007

How the US could crush Iran

I said a while ago, when commenting on an ill informed article in the Daily Telegraph on why attacking Iran wouldn't work by Anne Applebaum, that the US will not just go for the Nuclear sites. Now the BBC are starting to report what their plans may be. ( This is no surprise to anyone involved in military things - its part of an almost standard air war plan. )

Now leaking this sort of information is no doubt made to ratchet up the pressure - but we know the US follows through on this sort of thing. ( Blue Shark TV has a good clip on this point here. )

I don't think the Mullahs can claim that the US is bluffing - as Saddam tried to convince himself.

I note also Russia starting to put on pressure on over payments for a nuclear reactor ( perhaps coordinated ).

A case is being made that Ahmadinejad has been misunderstood here, but I'm not so sure - I think he knows full well what the impact of his words are.

So the ball is now in the Iranian governments court. If they want to play for time then they will need to clime down.

By coincidence the only way of being reasonably sure their nuclear weapons preparations have stopped is on site nuclear inspections.

This could yet work out....

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