Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Institutional Bias at the BBC - explained

Just watched this video of Robin Aitken on Conservative home ( its an 18DT 15 min video .) I recommend watching it... going to put Robin Aitken's book on my reading list.

Earlier problem with the wrong video link now sorted !


wrinkled weasel said...

I am not sure if you have the right video piece, MIAS, but the actual Aitken talk was fascinating.

I suppose he has summed up what, depressingly, we all suspected. Let us hope that this scandal can be dealt with.

Man in a shed said...

WW - your right ! I wrote the post as I was listening to the article and just assumed the link to object embedding was right ! ( Going to try and fix it now.... )

Man in a shed said...

OK - thats it sorted. Thanks for the tip off WW. ( Have a look - its edited down - but your right its what we all expected. Its just useful to be able to quote a ex-BBC employee to confirm it when catting to leftie types.)