Monday, February 19, 2007

Here come the camouflage taxes !

We've all grown wise to Gordon Brown's stealth tax rises - where he took advantage of the fact the public so much wanted to believe in NuLabour and the no one was interested in finer details. Until now that is when they have risen so high. Terms like fiscal drag and stamp tax relief for pensions didn't seem to impact anyone - only they have.

So having vastly expanded the parasitic nature of the state - but simultaneously allowing its productivity to drop what the new plan ?

Green Camouflage taxes :- Like the retrospective airport duty - which by its very definition wasn't green when it was implemented ( and maybe wasn't legal). The excuse - save the environment - the reality - more money to the government.

Current ploys being tried are:

  • Road pricing.
  • Congestion charging.
  • Putting Ken Livingston in charge of charging the home counties to subsidise his transport policy.
  • Airport duties.

And there will be more. As politicians bang on about climate change - many of them are really just setting up a direct debit to your bank account which they think you'll be happier with than income tax.

So Green issues are the new campaigning rally call that makes it look like government is important and could do something - whilst at the same time fleecing the taxpayers of their case.

I would like to say the Conservative party has woken up to this - but I'm afraid that's just not the case. People will however, once they realise they are being used, get very angry about this new taxation ploy.

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