Sunday, February 18, 2007

How hopeless is BBC journalism ?

Just what kind of a headline is this ? My answer is its lazy and biased. The BBC has been busy reporting all day that Tony Blair is not making a knee jerk reaction to the recent wave of shootings of youths in England, when it seems that is exactly what he is doing.

The tired NuLabour spin trick of making 'eye catching announcements that Blair can be personally associated with' is being made again. I do blame them for trying - as they are supposed to be the government and should act responsibly. But its the BBC that really should, and perhaps does, know better.

Just further down the article a few comments from other parties are made, but its the headlines and how the page scans that matters ( and how on TV the BBC journalist makes the case for Blair - declaring it as fact that it is not a knee Jerk reaction. No10 are saying Blair did something about this a few weeks ago - but its only come forward after the police asked for it in public and how much does anyone trust what No 10 (as occupied by NuLabour) says as being true any more ? )

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