Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Why is Microsoft Vista nearly 200% more expensive in the UK ?

For the purpose of this exercise please note that today (31st Jan 07) the exchange rate between the US Dollar and UK Sterling is about 1.964. All prices are from Amazon US and UK's web sites.
In America today the Ultimate upgrade from Microsoft Vista would be GBP 128.
In the UK you pay £240 ! (Ok just short of 200% - but you get the idea ).

No wonder Bill Gates is over hear smiling and being interviewed with Tony Blair at Davros and buttering up the Scottish executive. He needs them to keep quiet about this.

What the hell is the DTI for if not for sorting out rip offs like this ? ( Since importing this software from the US is not an option - which would be the free market way ).

The BBC has just filled us with technical arguments - BUT WHAT ABOUT THE PRICE !!!!

Perhaps nobody at the BBC will be paying for their upgrades - the computer using license payers will get to pay twice.

Why is nobody interested in our country being ripped off ?

( OK I give credit to The Register here for pointing some of this out - they seem to have removed the of cuff reference, I wonder why ;-) . )

Update: See how Gordon Brown and the Scottish regional council are being buttered up by his Billness here in the Scotsman.

Further update: See some of Microsoft's response on this link here...

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