Monday, January 29, 2007

David Cameron makes a very serious mistake

I was going to say makes his first serious mistake - but then I remembered not withdrawing from the European peoples party.

What am I going on about ?

He's come out in support of legalised oppression of the Christian faith through the SORs. Yes I know those aren't his words - but they are what I understand by them.

The Daily Telegraph (29 Jan 07) reports his words as follows with my comments in green:

"On the issue of the Catholic adoption agencies, I don'’t think personally that it is right to give them a block exemption from the law, because otherwise we will have other people wanting block exemptions from the law." (like the opt out you want for the UK on the Social Chapter eh Dave )

But he added: "I think we really need to find a decent compromise, because we want to keep the Catholic adoption agencies.

"I think, for instance, giving them three to four extra years to comply with the law will give them time to work out solutions such as twinning with other adoption agencies."( So you think in 3-4 years time the faith of 2000 years will be ready to just give up and sell out ? Or is it that there will be an election by then ?)

And its not just me. On Sunday the lady delivering the sermon warned the congregation that the price for being a Christian was about to rise steeply. (She ment the impact of the SORs). I'm making my ownjudgmentt here but I'd always had her down as a sort of Lib Dem leaning person. Just think what the Conservatives in the congregation are thinking. ( You should here the vicar - he was outside Parliament protesting against the Northern Ireland version of these regulations going through the house of Lords - by the wayabolishingg the principal that some one is innocentuntill proven guilty - do any of the civil rights groups care at all about this ? Is it just because we aren't Muslims ? ).

David Cameron is selling out the very people he's relying on to implement his new localism and voluntary sector strategy for providing services. He is also forcing a large number of people to think about if they can support his party whilst he leads it.

Many Christians I know are shocked and to some degree dumbfounded that their own government has gone to war against their beliefs in this way. But that won't last - there's a backlash on its way. David Davis knows this - David Cameron is hopelessly out of touch with a significant and very motivated part of the conservative support base. Yes in political circles the secular chattering classes may approve and think its about 'equality' (which it isn't - its about power over other people) - but the troops in the shires are horrified.

And what's worse is this won't end with the legislation - there will be an endless run of court cases in the media.

The new "War on Christian Faith" is going to kick away another support that held the state together. Its further constitutional vandalism by NuLabour - and David Cameron has failed to grasp that.

(For the record Man in a Shed voted for Cameron and thinks that earning the right to be heard has been the right policy for DC's first year. But we need some substance and principles now. )

Public Interest blogs on the same lines - and is heading to UKIP..
But it make Tim Roll Pickering very proud of his leader ( so Tim doesn't get it either )
Benedict Brogan over at The Mail doesn't know what Cameron's up to ..
Conservative Home says David Cameron has "decided to put gay rights ahead of religious freedom" .... and thats serious.
EU Referendum has been warning us all on this for some time - did we listen ? I worried they might be right - but hoped against hope that they weren't.

No comment from the Blog Father himself (Iain Dale) yet ... but it can't be far away..

Of all these I find Public Interests comments the most interesting as it the dilemma that coming up in my rear view mirror. I'd just about convinced myself that heading UKIP ward was a bad mistake - but if the party that's left stands for religious intolerance and oppression then it will be hard to stay. (Yes I know it just DC right now - but the only effective way of opposing this anti-Christian legislation was as a party - if Dave won't lead it then we are lost ).

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