Wednesday, December 13, 2006

MSM illegal activity ?

Iain Dale is running with this story from Lord Ashcroft's freedom of information activities.

In short a lot of the press seem to be involved in some highly suspect activities to gain information.

Iain reports:

"Yesterday on Lord it was revealed through a Freedom of Information request that 305 different journalists had been identified during Operation Motorman as using one particular agency to obtain confidential information like telephone records, bank account details and medical records."

For once the BBC and Newsnight could earn their state funded license fee and if they really are independent of government run with the story.

We will see.....

( As Iain points out Blogging about this may be the only way of getting the story out - so put a link in to his post on your blog if you think the story merits it ! ).

Update: The Telegraph looks like it is first in with a report here.

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