Thursday, December 14, 2006

No Father required in Labour !

Yes the undervaluing of men in the family is being pushed by the Labour government, who have decided that Father's are optional extras for IVF.

(Though of course they are still to be hunted down and shamed by whatever the successor organisation to the CSA is. Tougher - more press releases per year type NuLabour organisation.)

IDS and the Conservatives point out how family break down leads to major ills in society and Labour's responses are:

  1. Childish retorts about John Majors back to basics campaign.
  2. To abolish the requirement for Fathers in families at all !

Men can continue to look forward to discrimination against them in family courts, cancer services, presumed guilty on rape charges that involve alcohol, schooling and education and life expectancy.

If you hate men then - Vote Labour. The party of the man hater.

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