Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Reid sees 'no evidence' for extending 28-day detention

What on Earth is going on ? see the Telegraph for details here.

Is Reid saying that no-one in the Labour government had any evidence for 90-days before ? Or has that evidence now been disproved ?

NuLabour have used this issue to beat up the Lib Dems and Conservatives. If they are now saying they had no evidence for wanting to imprison British subjects for the equivalent of a 6 months prison sentence - just who is going to resign for such a scandal ?

Am I the only one to see this doesn't add up ?


wrinkled weasel said...

What an enormous slip. The only connotation can be that they never had the evidence in the first place and the the Government tried to mislead Parliament.

Surely that could not be the case?

Man in a shed said...

Maybe thats why Reid is suggesting a minister for intelligence (aka homeland secuirty) at Cabinet level. To, in NuLabour speak, move the story on quickly before anyone notices.