Friday, December 08, 2006

Legacy of the Barmy Army in Gelsencroydon

Man in a Shed is back from his trip to Germany and was generally impressed with the country. Even the run down bits are built to a high standard and all the people I met tried to be helpful ( the BA check in girl at Dusseldorf could aim at being a bit more skilled in her job).

On a stroll out in Gelesenkirchen on Monday night we ran into the end of the Christmas fair. Something that is done so well in Germany with some charm, and so terribly in our closed shopping centers.

Eating out at the Golden Gans - we got to see that lasting impression Army Group 'B' has left. Our hosts are slowly understanding the difference between the Union flag and the cross of St George. They also made a good effort at Christmas decorations of their own.

The potential split up of the UK will be most confusing for those people who have always liked the British. Like a divorce - who will get the friends ? ( We can of course, if it comes to it, put Northern Ireland up for adoption. )

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