Monday, December 04, 2006

100k - for an MP ? That's bloody ridiculous

Man in a Shed is of on his first business trip overseas for two years. Whilst wondering around Terminal one he spotted the Daily Mail headline that MP's are asking for GBP 100K/year.

I expect to earn about GBP 5k this year, getting my enterprise up and running. I'm taking real risks. Words fail me on how outrageous this demand is. Its a dam liberty. (I don't use strong language on this blog normally, but this has really annoyed me. )

I hope its not true.

Council tax will go up by around 5% - i.e. 200% "official" inflation. Public employees are the only one with decent pensions, rail fairs are going up by 5%. Don't even mention fuel and electricity.

I hope the blogsphere falls upon our alleged representatives like a pack of wolves. <b>Get too it</b>.

If I can get an internet connection where I'm going I'll check in to see how your all doing.

PS If this goes through then ordinary people should stand for parliament and offer to take only half the salary.

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