Friday, December 08, 2006

Central office should be rattled

Man in a Shed has been looking at the UKIP web site, to look at what other policies UKIP has. I'm not yet someone who wants to leave the EU, but I find the left of center triangulation noises coming out of the party very worrying.

The Poly Tonybee stuff is just crass and stupid
. If the leadership of the party really believes what has been reported then its going to lose the majority of its membership. I've made comments on other blogs ( just can't remember where just now ) to that effect.

The UK electoral system means it makes sense to have just one centre right party, but if the Conservative party goes left then that will become UKIP by default.

David Cameron - we all understand the necessity for the party to be viewed sympathetically and for us to reconnect with the wider population. Your a great performer in the commons and show good leadership capability - but is your heart in the right place ? I'm going to personally give you the benefit of the doubt for now, but its not a blank cheque, and I'm going to watch UKIP's development of policy very closely.


Anonymous said...

You say you are not yet ready to leave the EU. Why do you want to remain?

UKIP advocates cooperation not union. An alliance of independent, self governing nations, not a federal state.

Let's trade, let's work together on the environment and terrorism, but let's retun power to westminster. Leave the EU, but opt-in to good things via treaty.

If you look beyond the black & white media portrayal of UKIP policy you might find it is closer to your views than you think.

Ellee said...

I don't want to leave Europe either. And UKIP does have other policies, I wrote an academic paper about their rise in the Euro Election 2004 which was quite astounding. They will have attractions for some, we just have to hope not too many.

C4' said...

The fact that Tories' poll lead over Labour has dropped by two point to 1% since Greg Clark opened his big trap about Toynbee prove that the public believe that Cameron is going in the wrong direction.