Saturday, October 21, 2006

United against Arabisation of Britain ?

This mornings Daily Telegraph has an good article in its comment section that offers a potential excellent approach to the veil issue and supposed Islamic radicalism. Identify it as Arabisation - and alien to the Pakistani community and traditions.

Of course this looks like its true also and it gets us all on the same side.

Identifying things as Islam vs Britain is a recipe for disaster. But labeling the radicalisation with an alien nationalism could work much better.

Time to follow up politicians !

By the was I read an interesting article in this weeks Economist (no link as in a internet cafe) on how the Saudi's have been fighting Al Q with Soft power - getting ex-Jihadis to denounce the movement. Very effective apparently. Lets not just spend all our time on security and the problems it has - but fight the war of ideas like we mean to win !

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The Shaved Ape said...

I wish you the best over there, I really do. Yet, the problem is Islam, not something related to a specific country, so I'm not sure the approach will work.