Monday, October 23, 2006

The BBC discovers its biased ! Marr answers Marr.

Just found this Mail on Sunday report - via Iain Dale's blog. Read both they are very much worth your attention.

My favourite quote is from Andrew Marr:

"The BBC is not impartial or neutral. It's a publicly funded, urban organisation with an abnormally large number of young people, ethnic minorities and gay people. It has a liberal bias not so much a party-political bias. It is better expressed as a cultural liberal bias."

Now some time ago Andrew said - on the subject of BBC Bias ( see Biased BBC blog - who lives by these words )

"We get from time to time people saying you're biased in favour of the Labour Party. Every time I ask people - show me a case of that bias, explain to me where we got it wrong and why what we said was so unfair - they seem to be unable to do so", Andrew Marr, May 11th 2001.

So Andrew it looks like you've worked out what the rest of us knew for some time !

The BBC is institutionally left wing. Our democracy is therefore undermined by state funded propaganda. The question has to be asked if there really is a full democracy in the UK under those circumstances.


If after this you would like to tell the BBC what you think - go and have a go on The Editors Blog here, which has a post on this. Man in a Shed did a while ago - but oddly his comments have not yet been published. ( But that kind of makes the point. ) Its not like they are overwhelmed with comments anyway !

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Anonymous said...

There is a danger that the bias issue is still underestimated.

The BBC is intrinsic to our culture, formerly relied upon in times of crisis and still charged with a public service remit. It is the only station we are forced to pay for.

They used to say that you had to be an alcoholic or a Catholic to get into the BBC but now its Young, Gay or Black.

If you don't belong to the latter three categories your stake in the BBC is likely to be diminished but above all it is likely to be held up to ridicule by the people who are alright thank you - the homosexuals and ethnic types - almost all anti-Christian and anti semitic, despite the presence of a few high profile Jews.

These days the BBC makes projects itself as a forum for open debate. It is nothing of the sort. For example its "Have your Say" web site does simply not let through detractors, but actively supports a "Muslim Panel". (If you disagree with the Panel, tough.)

The greatest danger is its sin of omission. Rather than openly negative stories that do not support the liberal aetheistic agenda, they simply ignore the other points of view. They never make it to air - as if that point of view does not exist.

Along with this, Christians are almost always portrayed as extremists of one kind or another, whilst Muslims or ethnic minorities are always shown to be moderate. Criticism of homosexuality never, never appears. Black and women criminals are always victims of circumstance and environment.

The recent Lebanese/Israeli conflict was a watershed: the BBC did not even cover up their bias.

This lie, this publicly funded fount of lies has been perpetrating this scandalous delusion for long enough. I hope for a genuine revolution when all of these degenerates and liars are brought to account.

Anonymous said...

Seeing as you're so concerned with fairness, balance and accuracy, I'm sure you'll be posting this link soon

Man in a Shed said...

Dear Anonymous - your going to make me rather smug - I already have a post on the subject here - a few hours before your comment.

Out of interest what is your view on the BBC's output and what newspaper do you normally read ?