Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Helen Boaden - Bias at the BBC ? Come on its us !

Helen Boaden has posted a response on the BBC's The Editors Blog to the substance of the Mail on Sunday reporting of the BBC admitting its bias.

Its worth a read - let her know what you think at the end of the post. I've posted a response asking for the stream of the whole meeting to be made available. After all if the meeting was that open why not ?

Helen clearly loves the BBC and rushes to its defence (she's spent much of her career there). She dismisses the view quotes in the MoS as personal views she disagrees with - due to a lack of evidence other than circumstantial quotes. (What other evidence is available ?)

I wonder how bias could be shown to exist ? Perhaps an opinion poll of BBC news staff - it would have to be hidden so they didn't realise it was just BBC news staff being asked. A list of who works for the BBC news and any past political affiliations ?

Or perhaps just watching their output is enough.

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Anonymous said...

Yes it is difficult to prove bias.

At the top, the BBC is a bunch of faux working class heroes who get pissy if they cannot get a table at the Ivy. There is no integrity and no honour, even among themselves.

And They are too lazy and too complacent to change while we poor buggers are forced to pay for their expense account lunches.

Anonymous said...

Helen is probably one of the genuine ones who doesn't notice what is happening around her.