Friday, October 27, 2006

BBC Bias - more comments

Its looks like the right of centre MSM is locking onto Andrew Marr's comments on cultural bias. See Tom Leonard's article in today's DT.

But most telling is the comment added to the DT site from an ex BBC staffer - who wanted to remain anonymous ( though he might want to check the web link the DT left for him... )

I worked for many years for the BBC and, before going freelance, achieved a senior editorial-management post which I occupied for over three years. In 2002, I went on a three-day managerial course with about 30 BBC colleagues of similar rank. We were all housed on one floor of a comfortable country hotel. My room happened to be at the top end of that floor, thus boasting a commanding view of hotel corridor stretching away into the distance, sixteen doors to the right and fifteen to the left. I woke early on the first morning and, dressing-gowned, opened my door a crack to pick up my copy of the Telegraph, ordered (by phone) the night before. And what did I see outside those all doors? Yes! To the left and to the right, an almost solid river of Guardians, stretching interminably into that hotel void. To confirm I wasn't dreaming, I stuffed my Telegraph under my dressing gown and took a tip-toed walk down the entire length and counted: 27 Guardians, and 4 Independents and 1 Telegraph. Mine.
See also USSNeverdock on the same subject and Dodgeblogium.

PS Trying not to blog so much over the last few days as its half term and the laptop is mostly off. Reading Oriana Fallaci's "The Rage and The Pride" when the family let me.

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Another good post on the same subject from Cobbett Rides Again .

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Anonymous said...

"The evidence before the court is
incontrovertible, there's no need for
the jury to retire." - lyrics, suddenly come to mind. Perhaps your idea of getting BBC employees to do some form of 'impartiality test' of some sort would prove all of this to the wider public.

Why not get the BBC to take a political axis test? I wonder how many of them are not just southwing, but radically so. The BBC are cultural liberals, but that isn't in my opinion their job.

As the nation's publically funded public service broadcaster the Beeb *are* the 'de facto' Lord Protectors of *our* way of life. We pay them to protect our interests, do we not?

If their bias doesn't allow them to do so, why should we pay them? This needs raising in Parliament.