Friday, October 20, 2006

Same old NuLabour

Given the opportunity to discuss tax, and the ideas that lower tax rates might not mean significantly lower tax *take* Ed Balls put his own career first, before the interests of an open debate and the benefit that gives to his country.

What was the Balls response ? "Same old Tories"( A recognised trade mark of Antony Blair esq ) - which every unbiased by charter BBC presenter could be relied upon to repeat.

They fear debate - almost as much a losing access to the gravey train on which so many NuLabour devotees travel.

Remember the lies from Blair and Brown at the last election about every nurse etc being sacked ? Spin and smear - in the place of open debate with the people. Democracy will not thrive on spin - but they don't care NuLabour hopes to. After all what actual jobs in the real world could most of them hold down ?

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