Thursday, October 12, 2006

Labour MP gives offence - but gets respect from the 'unbiased' BBC

Your unbiased by charter BBC is helping the shameless excuse for an MP Sion Simon promote his filthy innuendo about David Cameron's family.

He makes a spoof of the WebCameron videos ( no problem there - I think UKIP were there first and Rory Bremner won't be far behind ), but he shows the real vicious nasty nature of some of the hatred of their opponents that Labour MP's show.

He make remarks about Mrs Cameron and the Cameron's children ( which show also that he can't add up ) which are disgraceful. I know people like to laugh these things off these days, but they shouldn't. Mr Simon, if he were a real man, would offer an apology ( not the half hatred Boris type ) and express his regret.

But the worse thing about this is that the BBC play the video from their site ( see picture ).

I know David Cameron's got the under the socialists skin - but neither the unbiased BBC or Mr Simon have covered themselves in glory here.

He will regret this for the rest of his life, unless his apologises.

The BBC just shows its true colours ....


Get over to sky news to seen an interview with this snivelling worm of an MP. He condems himself in his own words. It also appears Tom Watson is involved in this - he should not escape censure.

YouTube copy here ( credit to Guido and Biased BBC ):

My favouite part is when Simon says "Be quiet when I speak - Tom is a proper blogger" etc. Surely he's going to get deselected ?

Also - see the real thing here:

Update: Tom Watson has appologised for his part in the matter. Very good - his spoof WebCameron video was at least passable.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, liebour are very, very nasty.
I think the whole party are the most obnoxious bunch of turds on the face of the earth, no singling
any out for me. Each and every one a bitter twisted inverted snob, you know, snobbier than the so called snobs.
their entire raison d'etre is driven by class hatred. they'll still be waging class war in the year 3000. Paradoxically, class is something none of them have.