Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Have they told the Dear Leader yet that he's firing blanks ?

On the subject of North Korea's apparent Nuclear Explosion, that is looking like a failure. Do you think anyone has told the Dear Leader yet ? Its hard to see the upside from a North Korean scientist point of view for doing so. Of course he may read the international press ...

Is he the forgiving type - look dear we can get over this together etc ? I wouldn't want to be counting on it.

On a serious note the US and UK will know the truth of this. They detected the explosion that sank the Kursk for goodness sake. But they have carried on for a day without letting on - now that's interesting.

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Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be surprised if NK has detonated a huge array of conventional explosives, and even put fissile material in it to create 'authentic' fallout. Such is KYI's obsession with bringing the US to the bargaining table. Meanwhile the UN are proving impotent, and we're all tied up in thankless wars. This needs a robust response, but I think China and Japan are in a better position to deliver it. This issue is the best reason yet to get Japan on the UN Security Council.