Friday, October 13, 2006

The veil - if modesty was the issue ...

Ok I've held of on this one for a while, mostly as everything seems to get said else where. But I now have something to contribute ! (You may rightly be wary - its Friday and I've been working hard this week and need to let of a little steam.)

Veils are to some extent rather sexy - especially the one I've grabbed a picture of for this post. No wonder John Prescott is in favour. Surely the idea is to avoid tempting men, or at least Islamic men - especially the bearded Islamo fascist variety that are hoping to go to heaven, where all the virgins are. By the way do you think virgins wear veils and are modest in suicide bomber heaven ? Where do all the virgins come from anyway ? Are they virgins because nobody 'wanted them' ? Could be rather grim in Suicide killer heaven. I know this may seem trivial - but they're good questions. But I digress....

To avoid all the wanton temptation what about a covering helmet with TV cameras for eyes ? Then there could be no temptation and you could watch TV when the conversation your not having with you non-muslim friends get boring.

Of course the BBC is there already - see below. Looks like Dr Who was ahead of the game again ! They cost GBP 29.99 from Dixons - get there before the Christmas Winterval rush !
Or alternatively the women could try dressing up as men ! That'll kill any sex appeal and unwanted temptation.

Update: Over at Drinking from Home a post on the same subject finishes up:

Nobody needs to wear a veil. As Rod Liddle says in this week's Spectator, if a non-Muslim woman demanded to cover herself from head to toe because she feared the predatory attentions of men she'd be sent to a psychiatrist.

Too right.

Further update:
Boy in a Shed has just spotted the Cyberman mask - he wants one for Christmas. ( Well now really - but he's going to have to wait. )


Anonymous said...

Like the cyberman mask! Perhaps there will be a new 'ironic' fad for wearing masks and other apparel to cover ourselves up.

I could quite imagine a new 'thing' where we all wear caracature masks of world leaders when we go shopping (Reagan, Carter, Thatcher, Bush et al). Perhaps Tesco could help start it off, with an 'open day' for mask wearers, and freebie masks supplied with your shopping trolley.

Some kind of voucher scheme might help, plus if the masks were made out of recycled carrier bags . . .

Anonymous said...

Re Virgins, I read somewhere that this could be a mistranslation for....raisins ;)

Man in a Shed said...

Anon - I think if you've just blown yourself up your not going to be over impressed with 72 Raisans.