Saturday, September 16, 2006

Will Blair leave office in the back of a police car ?

Reading the Economist this week I notice this line in an article on the impending feud and end of the Blair premiership:
"For most of the past year the police have been investigating the possibility that peerages have been offered in exchange for loans. The awful, though remote, possibility hangs over the prime minister of leaving Downing Street in the back of a police car."

(Full article here - I don't think its restricted )

Given Guido's advanced warning on this subject I'm not quite as intrigued as I might be - but think about it ... Really it could happen and even the voice of the Continuing SDP ( aka The Economist ) thinks it could happen.

How long to Christmas ? No wonder he keeps going on these long foreign trips ... does Gaza have an extradition treaty ?

Now I really must get some work done - internets gettign turned off ...

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Sir-C4' said...

Don't get my hopes up