Sunday, September 17, 2006

Sheikh Abubakar Hassan Malin must apologise for inciting murder

Sheikh Abubakar Hassan Malin, a cleric in Somalia, is quoted by the BBC as follows:

"Hardline cleric Sheikh Abubakar Hassan Malin on Friday told worshippers at his mosque to hunt down and kill whoever offended the Prophet Mohammed."

I expect all the Muslims who have made such a meal out of the Pope's lecture against force and violence in religion to demand an apology and retraction from Mr Malin, as I am doing. ( Well OK I'm really expecting no such thing, as it doesn't fit their agenda - but we can all do manufactured outrage can't we. )

Or perhaps it would be ok for the Pope to quote Abubakar Hassan Malin in future ?

By the way the Nun murdered in Mogadishu is a real martyr who died because of her faith whilst helping others and living in peace.


Deep Stoat said...

There is going to be showdown between Muslims and those of us who are Western European and who also have, broadly speaking, a Christian world view.

I shall be interested to know when and where this might spark an all out conflict, with daily bombings, shootings and riots.

This is already happening, but it has not yet reached critical mass and become global and joined up. What is happening is a sort of cat and mouse game where Islam is shutting down avenues of discussion and dialogue by branding all criticism as heretical and anti-Islamic. At the same time individuals within this cult are inciting hatred and violence.

My fear is that in this country we shall see riots and violence and more bombings. The appalling numbers of those Muslims in sympathy with these tactics suggests that an onslaught, if it came, would be larger enough to temporarily overwhelm our security services and the police and armed forces.

I think it is time that politicians of all hues understood the message of history, in particular Hitler and Chamberlain in 1938, and the complete failure of appeasement of tyranny.

Sadly, today's political leaders are gutless and only have second class intellects. They run with the flow and blow with the wind. Worse, they rely on marketing men to make policy.

We are going to need a leader of the caliber of Churchill or Thatcher to get us out of this one and frankly, I do not see anyone of that stature stepping up to the dispatch box.

Anonymous said...

I emailed sky news on over the weekend (Sat evening) about what this crazy cleric said. I got the information from little green footballs and Australian Newspaper - The Age. I asked them to look into and get it publicised what this nut job was doing - but to no avail. I'm not sure if they were capped in doing so i.e. a load of Mohamed nuts would go ahead and do it or what?

But in any event, a nun was sadly murdered for her faith and belief in doing good and God's work.

We are dealing with a deadly breed of person. No morals, no sense, all liars as stated in their Koran, no tolerance and understanding of anyone or anything but their own sense of misguided wrong and right.

I'm getting sick and tired of having my rights violated and being discriminated against for bring non-Muslim.

I'm proud to say I am a Christian. I wear my cross around my neck for protection against evil, a reminder of following God's will and a symbol to others of my faith. And, I object to this making me an infidel and a target.

The danger lies in the lack of support and understanding of how the electorate feels about the way they is being treated. It's bizarre when you consider our Western War on Terror attitude.

One day, and I fear it will be soon, there will be a massive kick back. The Muslims have added fuel to the fire by killing an innocent nun and attacking churches. I suspect their mosques in retaliation (sp) will be next.

I do find it laughable that they get wound up and burn effigies of anyone and everyone.

I find it less funny that good people die and our government is doing nothing to kick them back into touch. At least to an equal footing of being in violation of laws that clearly nail any non-Muslim. Why can they get away with offensive banners and their stupid, misguided carry on?

Jeff said...

The hatred being preached by Muslim clerics such as Sheikh Abubakar Hassan Malin make a mockery of any attempt to understand or begin a dialogue with Muslims.

It is clear to most people that the moment that you offer an opinion that does not fit into their own narrow view of what is aceptable you are seen as denegrating Islam.

How can you hold talks with people who are not willing to compromise?

I am willing to listen and read many view points in order to form an opinion about a subject,

I have read the pieces on the MPAC's website and find them to be quite one sided, I even attempted to register on this site in order to gain more information and to ask questions. It has been over four weeks now and they have still not given eme permision to register, so much for reasoned dialogue.

I also came across this site by a former muslim, who staes the reason quite clearly for wishing to remain anonymous and also list just a few of the terrorist attacks launched by members of the Islamic faith.

The previous comments about a confrontation coming soon are not so far fetched, the lack of any movement from the government could lead a synical person to assume that they are waiting for the public to do their dirty work for them.

Jeff said...

sorry i forgot to include the link, here it is