Saturday, September 16, 2006

Iain Dale's rankings are in - read em and weep

EGO WARNING - the following post include more self indulgence than normal.

Man in a Shed's ego has benefited from the encouragement of being placed on Iain Dales list of 100 Conservative and Right of centre Blogs. Iain's announcing it here.

Iain's doing a far sighted job - in talking to all the political parties, rather than just talking Tory. Not only does blogging challenge the MSM, but also conventional politics.

There will be good things like the inability of the parties to control what their members can say.

And there will be bad things - like the inability of the parties to control what their members can say.

It is almost inevitable that some of us will regret what we have blogged in haste - given the database, rebuttal and dirt digging nature of our politics these days. But I hope the life and conversations between people don't go quiet and we don't have to sit back bite our tongues and take what we're given by the MSM, state and parties. The profile of blogging is shooting up with the parties and they, as I have warned before, will seek to manipulate and control our blogs. I hope in a major part they fail.

On a personal level have tried not to hide what I think, doubts and all, though there is always pressure to self censure where a party you favour is concerned.

Personally I started blogging to talk about my business and maybe software - but politics has just sucked me in. Raving against the local Lib Dems and NuLabour perhaps helps get things out in the open and off my chest, but it doesn't help any work get done.

I'm also getting to really enjoy reading the postings of other bloggers - who have similar and yet in key ways different and challenging views. They really do make me think and reflect - sometimes.


Anonymous said...

In a way Iain seems to have coordinated us all too, how did Tory bloggers manage before he started last December? I only began in February and couldn't manage without my daily dose of Iain's Diary.

The Daily Pundit said...

I am not a number! You make some good points about the parties attempting to control the blogs. It would serve their purpose to control the blogs with large readerships but as we've seen from Iain's blog, when criticism of the Tory party is necessary he isn't afraid to make his point. And collectively even the blogs with much smaller readerships have a strong voice.