Monday, September 18, 2006

Ming the muddled

Just watching Newsnight - they played an interview with Ming the new leader. He seems to have forgotten who won the Bromley by-election ( not an election that the Lib Dems exactly covered themselves in glory in. I've just written to another Tory blogger suggesting we make much more of the tactics used by the Yellow ones on Bromley to expose them for who they really are. ) Still just to prove I have a Liberal Democrat Leader friendly blog - here's a prompt for Ming.

Bob Neil won for the Conservatives, despite the tactics deployed by the Lib Dems ( check Bob's victory speech for details ).

Further reporting on the Lib Dems policy ( sorry I didn't get the reporters name ) had the following quote describing Lib Dem rhetoric as follows "If it smells of butter and sugar - is it just fudge ?" - great stuff.

And don't even ask about the Arctic Monkeys selling more records than the Beatles ( according to Ming ). He has no chance of explaining their tax policies at election time. What will the Lib Dem bloggers make of it all ?

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