Monday, September 18, 2006

Just what is the BBC on ?

The BBC continues to do its bit to support the feeling of Muslim grievance.

What kind of a headline is this (below ) ? Surely it should be Iranian Cleric stirs up ancient hatred ( much more fitting with the text they offer ). I have yet to see reports on the intimidation of worshipers in Westminster on Sunday from the BBC. Or how many of the Muslim leaders have made the Pope's point in the violent and adolescent response to what many of us believe to be manufactured rage.

By the way what are the odds of the BBC putting a picture of a man burning an effegy of the Mohammed online ? My guess is zero - even if the story actually merited it.

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Anonymous said...

I've been wondering why there isn't any movement from the government and the media on this.

I think I have an answer - It suits the government and the media are basically capped!

Whilst we are all jumping up and down with the distraction of Terrorists and there foolish, stupid carry on, the government are up to all sorts:

1 ID cards
2 Legistaltive Reform Act
3 John Prescott
4 Lord Falkner reducing personal
privacy laws

I say let's start looking at the distractions and come to the conclusion that this crap of Islam will get sorted eventually. We won't stand a chance if our rights and freedoms are taken away via the back door.

As for the BBC - will what a waste of money paying for that license.

I would truly like to see a 24hr independant news desk that isn't in anyone's pockets.

Jeff said...

The BBC will not say anything that could concievably be seen as going against the government line or anything to cause the government embarrasmnent.

This would bring on yet another rebuke from Tony Blair, similar to the one they got by simply stating that maybe Bush could have acted sooner over Hurricain Katrina, or showing interviews with ppeople from New Orleans Saying the same thing.

He accused the BBC of being unfair towards Bush.

They have cowed to this Government ever since one of their Journalists sold Dr David Kelly to this government.

They are no longer an unbiased news organisation as they have been nobled time and time again.

Anonymous said...

There is a bias in favour of Islam and that is that. Try getting that sort of publicity or favourable reporting for mainstream Christianity and see how far you get.

Liberal humanists, which is what the BBC is made up of these days, along with more than the average alcoholics, homosexuals and ethnic minorities, cannot allow Islam to be demonised because their own agenda would suffer a fatal body blow.

Their own agenda being that you can be anything you like, apart from a Christian, because in the light of the Gospel, they are revealed to be what they are, degenerate, foolish and wilfully partisan.

Anonymous said...

As if to make my point, the only story about Christians on the BBC's website today is about whacky american fundamentalists.

Nobody will complain. Nobody will burn an effigy of the Director General.
Nobody will give a grovelling apology.

And the BBC will carry on its quiet but clear agenda of implanting anti-Christian messages.