Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Left of centre govt lies to people in Hungary on Economy

Well duhhh .... That's standard practice for Left wing governments - it has to be. Frankly its voter beware on economic policy. Vote Left of centre and your effectively asking them to lie to you.

Not letting people know what your up to spending our pensions and raising stealth taxes, but claiming everything is OK sound familiar to anyone ? ( If you get close to being caught out you can always redefine the 'golden rule' anyway. )

They do foreign policy too:

WMD in Iraq ?
Afghanistan without a shot being fired ? ( Now redefined of course - but John Reid knew what he was doing when he used those words and how they would be received. )

When the electorate wants to stick its head in the sand it votes NuLabour - or Lib Dem.

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Anonymous said...

Liars always get found out, it seems Hungarians are becoming more right-wing too, it's really interesting what is happening there, I've written about it too, in fact. Great minds.