Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Stranger Danger ! ( Its the Lib Dems )

You could make this stuff up - the BBC reports that the Lib Dems are being accused of using sweets to try and get children to canvass for them ! The reply quote from the yellow ones  is "All political parties find that young people are often willing deliverers of party literature."- said Lib Dem chief executive Chris Rennard.

During the general election I've had a run in with bused in Lib Dems outside my children's school where they were blocking the entrance - which was busy with cars and distracting parents at precisely the most dangerous parts of the journey to school. As well as intimidating parents - all of whom had to walk past/though them.

What is wrong with these people ? Is there no one in that party who can see that this sort of thing is just wrong ?

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