Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Canvasing out there ...

I've been out on the streets of our local town canvassing for the upcoming local elections for the local Conservative candidates. The response has been quite good, with only one dodgy occasion which happened in a block of flats when some one was shouting in the background menacingly.

I'm not sure about canvassing. Clearly it needs to be done - and is best done by the candidate as then they actually meet the people they are representing. However, like most English people I don't really like people coming to my door. You can hope that the web and postal drops could take some of the strain, but I'm guessing the first party to give up talking to people on their doors will get punished. Still overall the response was good - and people were polite and usually friendly.

No sign of Labour ( no great surprise there ). But the local Lib Dems have material on the web that shows what an utter shower they are. All of it protest - mostly about things that don't have a bearing on the local election for the borough. I suspect local elections, especially borough elections are one of the occasions where weighing up the individual candidate may be more important than their party. However, it seems the Lib Dem candidates must have low standards to let that sort of material go out in their names.

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ContraTory said...

The Lib Dems divert attention from their election material by attacking harmless Conservative Party literature, or at least, they do around here.