Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The wrong thing to say about UKIP

David Cameron was, IMHO, wrong to label UKIP in the way he did on the radio.

Firstly as its just the sort of thing the left do with the Conservative party - so unjustly -, and secondly because UKIP's supporters will feel insulted and be even less inclined to return to vote Tory (its commonly assumed that most UKIP support comes at the cost of Tory votes).

However, UKIP supporters need to ask themselves whether - under the current electoral system - their objectives are better supported by Labour/Lib Dems or the Conservatives. They may not like the choice, but that's the only one on offer - in the real world.

David - apologise.
UKIP voters - take your responsibilities seriously, forget self indulgence and vote Conservative again.

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Serf said...

My thoughts exactly.