Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Council Tax rise 5.1% inflation 2.4% !!!

In my council area Council tax has risen to GBP1312 per year ( band D property) - a rise of 5.1%. Worse performer were the local police on 5.8% - best the borough council on 4.8%. That's way above inflation.

But this is really a stealth tax on Southern English people - you can bet Labour areas are doing better. Even if the percentages are similar this year - then remember they are percentages of the larger rises historically undertaken in English non-Labour areas.

If your not angry - as I said before - then you don't pay the tax.

PS Who thinks Council Tax rebanding / John Prescott messing with the system will lower my tax bill ?

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Man in a shed said...

The BBC reports an avergae of 4.5% Link
here ...

So Surrey gets hit harder again. ( In excess GBP 50 million reduction in support grant this year. )