Saturday, March 11, 2006

Lord Falconer revives the 'art of Scottish goal keeping'

Lord Falconer has put himself up to defend English disenfranchisement with interviews on the Today program and a speech at a recent conference. Mr Blair ( also a Scot and of course also best chum of Lord F ) may have thought of him as a safe pair of hands, but he has really just focused interest on the great Scottish art of goal keeping. Surely Mr Blair should keep Lord Falconer away from the media after the millennium Dome fiasco and supreme court balls up.

Anyway the impact of having a Scottish minister lecture his English paymasters on why they shouldn't have a parliament is likely to be incendiary. As would Mr Brown becoming PM ( ol Gordon's defence here is that Mr Blair is Scottish so why should it matter - well Mr Blair likes to keep that part of his past quiet ).

The serious debate has to be between the English Votes for English Measures proposal and a full blown English parliament. Labour will probably try to head this off by removing a layer of English local Govt to impose regional Govt on England ( remember the balkanisation of England always was Scottish foreign policy ).

If you have an opinion go and vote at the BBC's web site - I have.

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