Monday, January 09, 2006

Bye bye Charlie

OK so adolescence has hit the Lib Dems as they finally call last orders on chat show Charlie.

Like most people I feel sympathy with Charles Kennedy - but don't agree with the groveling spin put on by some Lib Dem MPs on TV that his announcement was courageous. Come on - it was a last calculated role of the dice, one he was always going to loose but its ensured he's taken his party with him.

Perhaps the party should be called the Lib Den(ial) party - as there are a number of points they just can face up to:

1) The are split between the left wing woolly side ( the beards ) and the clever realistic group who never had the moral courage to join the Conservative party ( the talent ) which is where most of their ideas have their normal home.
2) The needs of the areas of outstanding Gov.t subsidy in the Wales and Scotland where their party is strongest have completely different interests to the South of England where there MPs are. They can only pull this of if the people of middle England never find out what they actually stand for.

Hence the wish just to crown Ming ...

The Lib Dens are despised by the Tory's and Labour for their hypocrisy and janus like double standards - lets have an election so the wider public can come to that conclusion also ...

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