Sunday, November 13, 2005

Where have all the clam shell PDA's gone ?

Having just rediscovered E-Bay I've been looking for a small clam shell PDA for my children. However, no one - with the exception of Sharp's Japan only Zaurus derivation seems to make them any more.

I have a palm type PDA, with an infared keyboard, but its no use for taking notes in meetings or on planes. The last device to do that well was my Psion 5 PDA. Unfortunately this has reached the end of its life - hence the return to E-Bay.

I'm now going to find out what the Psion Revo was like .. I just hope the battery problem isn't as bad as is rumoured.

What I don't understand is why doesn't anyone else make clam shell PDAs like Psion did and everyone loved so much ?

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