Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Please please please let it be Mark Oaten ...

Lets hope that Mark Oaten gets elected by the Lib Dens - because its game over for them if he does. Mr Oaten holds views that would make him a welcome member of the Conservative Party - and Mark if you don't win you could always try www.libdems4cameron.com. You need those sort of views if your going to hold a seat like Winchester.

However, the rest of the be-sandaled brigade don't share them at all. In fact they loath them like a teenager being told he can't have another GBP20 to go out with his friends. Being a Lib Den(ial) is all about the impossible dream - wishing all sort of wonderful and sometimes weird ends, but never wishing the means. Clearly Mr Oaten has more trouble with this double think than the rest of his party - but they're no going to love him for it.

However - Mr Oaten has also become the Charles Kennedy official revenge candidateTM - so might just get in ! ( If he has enough MPs to back him to get on the ballot ).

What fun - the left leaning Lib Dens and their own right leaning Tony Blair - its got to mean quality entertainment !

So go on you sandals - vote Oaten !

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