Friday, May 15, 2020

The Lib Dem suicide mission

So the report is out, and the Lib Dems are congratulating themselves on being the sort of party that washes its dirty linen in public.

But here the thing - the road crash they had in 2019's general election was entirely predictable. Indeed their, at the time arch opponents knew it.

The revoke message was fundamentally anti-democratic. It could only have lead to enteral civil war in UK politics ( indeed it might have lead to more direct action - as politics would have been shown to be a busted flush on the method to achieve change front ).

It ignored basic political reality. 1/3 Lib Dem voters voted Leave in 2016. Did they think they were going to get them back by continually insulting their judgement, intelligence, and indeed their country ?

How did they think a general election would go when they were 1/3 of their core vote down ?

And their literature, the tonnes of literature,  all had the same extremist message.

Dio you know why the other parties didn't panic when almost a leaftet a day from the Lib Dems was dropping through letter boxes ( by the way - much of it by paid delivery - how can the figures really add up there ? ) ? It because everyone else could see the mistake the yellow party were making.

As well as the extremist anti-democratic anti-British message came the nagging Scottish super superior wifie from the Highlands. Yes it was going to be Jo Swinson's govt, with Jo Swinson's super ideas.

Now I know this isn't popular, but women don't always take kindly to the bossie class swot type character telling them what to do, especially if she's younger ( reminding everyone of their relative failure ), pretty but preaching bossie feminism.

Frankly the Lib Dems did well to keep 11 MPs, and at least lost the one who lead them into the valley of electoral death.

What is the point of the Lib Dems ? Anyone know ?

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