Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Waiting for the cough

I haven't blogged on Covid-19 as I think there's enough material out there.

I was one of those people who saw this coming from some distance, mostly thanks to the company I work for getting very concerned about this in late Jan, early Feb. They know what they are talking about and whilst people were still watching spokespeople on TV explaining not to worry and the seasonal flu killed lots of people anyway I was taking advantage of Tesco's 2 for 1 offers on canned food ( yes they were running them then. )

There's a lot in the media now about China being less than straight, and this all being a surprise, but you know if you looked you could see this coming a mile off. And I did. My initial anxiety was in Jan / Feb. I emailed relatives to warn them, knowing that this was going to get the chicken liken type jokes back - but hey they are family ( and yes they ignored me ).

Lock down has been weird and normal. Work carries on as before.

But now the next phase is coming, that part where you get to take your turn on the mix between the national bad luck lottery and Russian Roulette. Its not clear how many chambers on the Covid-19 gun are loaded, but when you hear the chamber rotating you know the hammer's next and the rest will be beyond your help.

Its the same for everyone, and the country is behaving very well indeed.

My wife has stepped back to a local hospital, as everyone has to do their part. Its not Covid-19, but the staff don't wear masks and they do get close. 

That far sighted company I work for has started wondering about the return to work, and whisper it, they are thinking masks all round. 

They are also talking staff reductions.

The economic news is dire - and being at home doesn't really expose the full enormity of what is going on. But the food that gets delivered ( told you I was prepared ) comes from somewhere, and has to be paid with by work that others want from me. That looks in question ....

But this is not what has me up tonight - its my wife just coughed and had a slight sore throat before going to bed .... 

Others have faced their time in the trenches or on long convoys and you just have to face up to the possibilities - accept the risk and take your turn. Today's personal concerns are nothing on sitting in a light bomb shelter in the early 1940's.

There's far worse out there ( we daren't even think about some of the nations of the world ).

Its the small hours ....

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